It's done! A big thank you to everyone who made this possible!

The house is finished, inaugurated and the family moved in.

The time had come last Monday.

The house was opened by the imam and the family moved into it with great joy.

Gone are the fears that the roof could fly off at night and in a storm.

Everyone is happy and very grateful.

Now this family finally has a safe roof over their heads.

We are holding a charity flea market in the Ivory Coast for the benefit of the Fofana family - online! Because the family needs a new roof over their heads, but has no money.

In front of the old hut

From now on, flea market items such as pictures, antiques and everyday items are for sale here.

“We are holding a charity flea market in the Ivory Coast for the benefit of the Fofana family - online! Because the family needs a new roof over their heads, but has no money. ” read more

Our water filter system is still stuck in customs - nevertheless, a system has reached the children of Daloa via plan "B".

Central customs authority

Our club management considers the fact that we are horrible customs and administration fees to be impractical for the fact that we want to provide poor, needy and children with clean and free drinking water.

"Our water filter system is still stuck in customs - a plan has nevertheless reached the children of Daloa via plan" B "." read more

Annual General Meeting and Election of the Board of Management

Dear members of the association,

Love club members,

on Saturday the 06.04.2019 at 12: 00 o'clock takes place our annual general meeting in the Kurstrasse 3 in 74906 Bad Rappenau. Invited are all club members. Members who can not be present but would like to be part of it will have the opportunity to participate via our online portal. Please request the access data first. Suggestions may still be made on the agenda and on possible candidates.


Thanks to our members, prospects and donors.

  • Report on club development over the last four years and cash balance.
  • Outlook about our activities.
  • New election of the board

Expected end of the meeting will be 14: 00 pm.

Peter Böhler

Short Flash Asia

Dear members of the association and interested people,
After the Cyber ​​Cafe Daloa project in Côte d'Ivoire is well on its way and slowly becoming clear that the project is viable in the sense of economically viable, we have extended our feelers further and may now announce

"Short Flash Asia" read more

Wood saving ovens for Africa

Wood Savings Saves 95% less wood

Well, unfortunately, our presentation could not take place, but we can announce another success.

Our partner association, EG-Solar, which already supported us in the solar cooker for Daloa, has provided us with a wood-fired cooker. These wood-fired cookers are much healthier (no smoke) compared to traditional cooking zones for women and children, and they also save a lot of wood. It is not always possible to cook with the solar cooker in the equatorial regions, because even there the sun does not always shine. "Wood Savings for Africa" read more

The lecture unfortunately could not take place

Unfortunately, yesterday's lecture could not take place because "Die Linde" was indisposed.

As the operator informed us at short notice, the sanitary facilities in the "Linde" were down because of the dilapidated pipelines.

Therefore, the lecture on the journey to Daloa could not take place at the center of the refugee movement. Because of the great demand and the associated disappointment, we will try to find another appointment. But this will not be possible for reasons of time this year. We will inform you about the recent event in time and apologize for the failure.